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Born and raised in Tübingen, I moved to Berlin in October 2015 to study International Media and Computing. After finishing my A-level, I began exploring the world of work, starting as a marketing intern at the local art house cinema, ending up as an online marketing intern at, a trading group representing streetwear companies like Volcom and Hurley. After my internship ended I was hired fulltime, building up an inhouse marketing department for all seven companies represented by the trade group.
My involvement in the electronic music scene led to a concept for a new application. Driven by the thought of putting my ideas into practice, I started learning programming. I soon realized how well programming fit my passion of logic, creativity and productivity. After several years of experience as intern and employee, in various fields of work - from social media over marketing up to data analysis - I moved to ‚Europes Silicon Valley‘, looking forward to bringing new ideas to the world.

I was awarded with the Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship in October 2016.